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Rainbow Recovery is a new project to help those with mental health problems to recover from difficult periods in their lives.

It involves the use of art and craft to help us be creative and express our emotions and donating what we have made to a charitable cause to help spread the message of peace and loving kindness. 

The project is currently being developed and upcoming events will be updated here. 

Rainbow Recovery

Sharing our real-life stories with others can help others learn from our experiences, and help us to find a powerful meaning in both positive and negative experiences through inspiring and empowering others that may be going through similar experiences.

At the UGC we have real-life stories events on a once monthly basis. If you are interested to share you story please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

Real-Life Stories

The UGC hopes to be working with local schools to allow classroom visits to the centre in the near future. Children bring their own packed lunches and spend the day at the centre taking part in various workshops;

Mental Well-being Workshop

Interfaith Workshop

Bereavement Workshop

Mindfulness Workshop

School  workshops

Most Weekends, we hope there will be live music at the UGC including jazz, choirs, orchestral music, guitar solo music- anything that is creative and inspiring for our community to enjoy. Beverages will be available from our Vesper Coffee House at the UGC for the public to enjoy. 

Love for Music

The Interfaith Project aims to bring together people from different backgrounds and religions to share theirs beliefs, seek Truth together- and to discuss beliefs and learn from one another's perspectives. The aim is to help improve Inter-Faith relations while increasing awareness and highlighting that the messages of Humanity:  love, peace, respect, tolerance, compassion, honesty, kindness, justice, trust, forgiveness and gratitude are commonly shared and encouraged by all major religious groups.

There are monthly Inter-Faith events taking place at the UGC- look out for these on FB and on our events section!

There is a 'Seekers of Truth' group on our FB page for the Interfaith community to share their understanding on Truth and to learn from others' perspectives.

The Interfaith


The Family project is a project which aims to help support those who are experiencing problems within their family units. We would like to help offer support and advice for families to help improve the family inter-relationship challenged that we all face at times. 

We aim to set up workshops and groups to enable those who face similar challenges to get together and share their problems with others so that we can learn from one another and support one another in a non judge-mental approach. 

The Family


The Bereavement Project aims to support those who have suffered loss of loved ones through their bereavement and grief. 

Death is part of life, and losing a close family member or a friend can be a very difficult experience. We can experience the feelings of denial, anger, guilt before we accept the loss and feel ready to move forward. Our emotions during this process can have an impact on our family units and our other relationships, our ability to function at work and at home. 

Sometimes just being able to talk to someone who has been through a similar experience, or someone who can listen or hold our hand while we grieve, can help make the world of a difference. 

At the UGC we aim to start up bereavement circles that will take place on a weekly basis from July/Aug 2020. If you would like to take part or help to volunteer in running these- please add your name to our list.

The Beraevement


Getting together with others in community prayer and worship can be very beneficial for our mental and spiritual well-being. It is also a good opportunity for us to learn about other faiths and religious groups to help increase our understanding and knowledge about our common shared beliefs as well as our differences, while showing respect for each others.


We would like to set up an opportunity for people from all denominations and religious backgrounds to learn from and take part in ( if they wish to do so) prayers and services that take place in all Abrahamic Faiths- to learn about the different perspectives about their understanding from scripture teachings of the concepts of humanity that 'Universal God: Message of Peace" is about.

If anyone feels they have the knowledge and experience on leading prayers and services and would like to help with this project- please get in touch.

We aim to have set up regular Friday service, a regular Sunday Service and an opportunity for a Holy Sabbath gathering for prayer and study on a Saturday for those interested in taking part. 

Prayer Service